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Laser Skin Treatments

At ForeverYoung MedSpa for Health & Wellness, we are able to treat a wide variety of aesthetic concerns. Using the Cynosure Icon™ laser system, we can effectively treat wrinkles, acne scars, surgical or traumatic scars, stretch marks, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, facial vessels, Rosacea, vascular lesions, and unwanted hair. Cynosure laser systems are considered the gold standard for technology and safety, and we use them with confidence. These systems reinvigorate the body’s own healing process where healthy tissue replaces the affected tissue, promoting younger and healthier skin


Non-ablative fractional laser

This procedure rejuvenates skin and reduces wrinkles, scarring and laxity of the skin around face and chest area which typically consists of 4 to 6 treatment cycles.  While initially the treatment area will be swollen and slightly red for the first 48 hours after the treatment, the improvement in skin texture is relatively quick with a significant reduction in wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.


Laser Treatments for Scars

With our Icon™ laser technology treating scars is faster and easier than ever. It is perfect for many different types of scars including acne, surgical and trauma. Treatments take minutes and you’ll see visible results after a few sessions. Give yourself the confidence to take charge of any room.

Laser Skin Treatments for Wrinkles

ForeverYoung MedSpa is pleased to offer skin resurfacing to remove wrinkles – giving clients smoother, younger-looking skin. Skin resurfacing offers clients an easier and more comfortable alternative to invasive surgical procedures for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles on the face, including the deep lines that form around the eyes and mouth, in as little as one treatment. We utilize the best technology from Cynosure® – the Icon™. Icon’s fractional ablative laser pulses deep within the skin to help generate new, healthy tissue and collagen – giving you the younger-looking appearance you want. “We’re very pleased to offer our clients’ skin resurfacing that delivers outcomes that rival traditional face-lifts at a fraction of the cost — and without the risk or downtime of more invasive surgeries,” said Azha, Manager at ForeverYoung MedSpa. “Best of all, clients typically resume their regular activities in a few days, so they don’t have to take a lot of time out of work or out of their lives to look and feel their very best,” she added. For more information about Icon™ and skin resurfacing, or to schedule a consultation, contact ForeverYoung MedSpa at (224) 415-3628.

Eliminating Stretch Marks with Laser Treatments

You’re not alone, 90% of all women develop stretch marks during their pregnancy and are left with these unwanted lines years later. Fortunately, Stretch Mark Treatment with the Icon™ laser provides a quick and easy solution to regain your pre-baby body.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatments

IPL targets blood vessels and pigmented lesions on the hands, neck, face and chest to even out the tone of the skin. Pulses of concentrated light target the pigmented or vascular lesions, and desired results usually appear within a short time with no injury to skin’s surface. For best results, a series of treatments may be recommended.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is not as simple as it sounds. But at ForeverYoung MedSpa for Health & Wellness, we use Cynosure’s Icon™ laser system to provide the best possible hair removal treatment which is safe and far more effective. Icon™ Laser technique is fast and comfortable and uses approximately 30% less time than conventional laser hair removal treatments. Patients usually achieve optimal results in 6 to 8 sessions and are quite satisfied with the results, including success with decreasing ingrown hairs. Our technician can assess and tell you which is the most appropriate and suitable treatment for you.

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