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How it Works:

  • Each dollar spent on services = 1 point

  • Each new client you refer to ForeverYoung MedSpa who gets a treatment done, earns you = 250 points

  • Every 3000-points = $300 Spa service credit (must be spent in one visit)

The Fine Print:

  • You cannot accrue rewards points during a special, training special, or any other promotional offer. Points must be based upon our standard pricing.

  • No limit on the amount of points you may earn.

  • Points rollover and may be combined. For example: you may earn 6000 rewards points and receive a $600 Spa credit towards any Spa service (Please note that the $600 Spa credit must be spent in one visit).

  • Points may only be redeemed in 3000-point increments (ex: one may not redeem 1500 points for $150)

  • Points are non-transferable between two or more clients.

Points do not expire, provided that you are treated at least once in a twelve-month period (for example, you visit ForeverYoung MedSpa on January 1, 2017 and have 1500 rewards points. If you come back and get treated on or before January 1, 2018, your points will continue to accrue. If you do not make it back on or before January 1, 2018, your points balance will be 0). You do not need to use your points within one year, but you do need to be treated within one year to keep points active.

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